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Introduction to Buskincity

This is an introduction for professional street performers who want to create their own tours in cities signed up with BuskinCity.

This tutorial video gives you a general insight of how to use this website and what features and tools it offers you as a registered professional street performer.


How to use the booking system


This tutorial video is going in-depth for how to use the Booking Calendar and using the World Map to set up a good structure for your own tour. We also look into the City Profile page and what good information you can get from every individual city page.

Easy to Register

BuskinCity is a pilot project to be developed over 3 years, between May 2016 and September 2018, in close collaboration with the municipalities and cities that have committed to developing a sustainable cross-over between culture and the private sector.

Our goal is to create a sort of “Covent Garden” in public spaces through out the world. Each city signed up with BuskinCity has committed to allocate one or more spaces in the city centre for street performing. It can be a pitch at a square or a walking street for pedestrians.

This is an introduction for professional street performers who want to create their own tours in cities connected to BuskinCity.

  • Register and set up your own profile on the Register page.
  • Start creating your own tour in the booking calendar
  • Choose your country and cities in the World Map
  • Chat with your colleagues in the chat forum

Additional tools to help you find and make it easier for you to perform in the cities:

  • You get permission to perform on advised pitches (See Cities).
  • Easy world map with geo tagged locations in Google maps for the pitches.
  • Pictures on each pitch, with a text description, with information such as what type of surface is available, suited for busker, big or small circle shows, etc.
  • Each city has their own colour chart to display peak season
  • You as a registered performer can rate and comment on the pitches
  • A phone no. and mail address to a city contact person in each of the cities.

Once you have registered and are approved, you will get access to book your dates in the calendar with your own unique username and password. Click here to register

Travel reimbursement
Travel reimbursement:

Each city will cover travel reimbursements once per artist and season, after a first performance in the respective city*
Every city welcome between 12-30 street performers per season, which means there will be a quota system in the booking calendar.

Country Representative:

Every country representative is responsible for the travel reimbursement in their country.
The travel refund is up to a maximum of €150 per city and act, and per season. You send the invoice for your travel expenses to Country Representative and the invoice will be paid within approx. 30 - 40 days.

Specify the following on the invoice:
  • Stage name/performer(s)
  • City
  • Date (first date is enough if you play more than one day in each city)
  • You need to take a ’selfie’ of your first show at the pitch in each city to verify your show in order to get your travel reimbursement. You send the pictures together with the invoice.
  • or all travel refunds we ask you to mail photocopies of your receipts for gas, train or flight, to the Country Representative.
Invoicing the Country Representative:
Invoice address:
Intergalaxy Media Sweden AB, Bergsmansvägen 37, 772 40 Grängesberg, Sweden
VAT: SE556630321901
Send invoice by email to: invoice@buskincity.com
Invoice address:
Invoice address:
Invoice address:
Invoice address:
Invoice address:
Invoice address:
How to Use the Calendar City by City
  • To Edit the calendar, you have to login to your profile.
  • Choose your continent, then country and then the city with the drop down buttons located in the upper right hand corner.
  • Hover with the mouse over a date that will fit your tour - you will see a pop up - choose “book” in the pop-up window - enter the time slot and the pitch that fits your show - Confirm, Published!
  • Your name will automatically show in the calendar on the date with the Time Slot and the Pitch you picked.
  • Remember! Before you choose your pitch, go to the respective city and check out the features for each pitch.

Note! You have to be logged in order to book yourself in the calendar

  • we are happy to announce 2 new Special events in the calendar.

    1. Tallship Race in Halmstad taking place between 30th of June to 2nd of July 2017
    Click here to read more about the event.
    2. Stockholm Street Festival open up a special pitch for BuskinCity during the three day festival.
    Click here to read more about the event

    Read moreMay 19,2017
  • We are happy to announce 2 new Special Events in the calendar.
    These two events let you book your self on allocated pitches.

    1. Tallship Race in Halmstad taking place between 30th of June to 2nd of July 2017
    Click here to read more about the event

    2. Stockholm Street Festival open up a special pitch for BuskinCity during the three day festival.
    Click here to read more about the event


    Read moreMay 19,2017
  • Hi Guys!

    Kalmar has done an awsome job to create the best situations for street performing this coming summer.
    As voted as the SummerCity of the year 2015 and 2016, you can be sure there are alot of visitors in town while they having their different events.
    Check out Kalmar city profil page here on BuskinCity, to find out more about the pitches where and when. Click here >>>

    Read moreMay 04,2017
  • We are happy to announce that Halmstad City in Sweden is now open for bookings between 16th of June - 20th of Augusti 2017.
    There are 2 ordinary pitches for the full season.
    But please keep an eye open! There will be a special event for the Tall Ship Race. This is an event that attracts a lot of people to Halmstad City. More information to come. 

    Please remember to read the profile page for each city, and before you do any bookings check their own peak season chart.

    Team BuskinCity

    Read moreFeb 03,2017
  •  Hi Guys!

    Great news, just want you all to know we are right now in the process with an advance development on the new BuskinCity 2.0.
    We hope we´ll be able to launch the brand new site in first week of December 2016. We are going global.
    More about this soon :-)
    Read moreOct 27,2016
  • Remeber Borgholm has extended thier calender, as we mentioned in the mail you all recieved last week they open up extra for the  holiday weekend, 5th - 8th of May.
    Please see the bookable dates in thier calendar.
    Read moreMay 02,2016
  • Hi you all Street Performers!
    We want to let you all know there are some updates in Landskrona and Växjö!
    Please remeber you need to be loged in to see the new updates in the calendar
    Read moreApr 20,2016
  •  Hi Guys!
    You are now able to book your self in Landskrona, check thier dates in the calendar.
    They are going to open an extra pitch (Pitch 3) 5 & 6th of August were it´s a Gardening festival and a folkloreistic festival happening in the city.
    Pitch 3 TBA
    Read moreApr 07,2016
  • News for our Street Performers!

    Now you are able to book your self in Borgholm, Kalmar and Västervik.
    Please remember that you have to be logged in to see what dates are bookable.
    Most cities have 2-3 pitches to chose between. 
    In some dates you will only see Pitch 2 & Pitch 3 and not Pitch 1 or any other Ptich.
    This is due to other city events is booked on this Pitch, But you can book your self in the other Pitches as long as they are shown in the booking pop up menue.

    We will let you know when the other cities open up thier calendars asap.
    Team BuskinCity  
    Read moreApr 04,2016
  • Hi Everybody!
    We are so thrilled and excited! We are live as you can see.
    Allthough we still encounter a few bugs, there is one related to picture croping and compressed pictures.
    And there have had some issueses with the registration.
    The technicians are working really hard right now to fix these issueses.
    Note! remember that we can only allow a maximum size on 2MB for your uploaded pictures
    And please mail us on info@buskincity.com if you do have problems with the registration.

    Please follow us on twitter and Facebook.

    Team BuskinCity
    Read moreMar 21,2016
  • Right now we are preparing all the material, folders & rollup to promote BuskinCity at Subcase. And we are really excited to present the web site for the first time!

    Subcase is an annual Nordic showcase of Nordic contemporary circus showcase produced by Subtopia. International performing arts professionals gather at Subcase for a four day program of Nordic circus performances and presentations.

    Please read more about Subcase here: www.subcase.se
    Read moreMar 08,2016
  • We just got a call from Borgholm who said they want to step on board the BuskinCity project for 2016.
    It´s going to be a great summer city, due to it´s faboulus beaches and tourism. And dont forget the city has it´s 200 anniversary celebration this year.
    So we say congratualation to Brogholm.

    Read moreFeb 29,2016
  • Halmstad is used to street performance due to it´s tradition and by the International Street Theatre festivla since 20 years.
    Halmstad is to be the first city to sign up with BuskinCity. And we are thrilled. 8 cities now in Sweden.

    Read moreFeb 26,2016
  • We are now eventually in the staging mode with BuskinCity.com. Now we can see how the booking calender is going to look like.
    We are very excited to see the final result.

    Read moreNov 10,2015
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